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Mobile App UX: The Fine Line Between Saving Costs and Retaining Customers

Photo by abillion / Unsplash

How hard can it really be to get App UX right?

Based on thousands of reviews of some of the most prominent apps out there today - not as easy as it may initially seem. But where do the challenges arise from? 

Some teams face difficulties in aligning user feedback with product and engineering goals. 

Others can find themselves falling into the trap of innovating for innovation’s sake. 

Sometimes, it can come down to a lack of true understanding of what delights and frustrates your users, pre-design and pre-launch.

But, what about teams who have no issues with garnering a high volume of user feedback? Do they have the time and resources, and, to be fair, the incentive, to sift through thousands of clips and snippets of duplicate and sometimes irrelevant feedback?

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