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Photo by Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

Mobile app users express difficulty with reporting bugs and sharing improvement ideas with app owners

Mobile applications bring the world to our fingertips. From productivity tools to entertainment, apps provide convenience and connectivity like never before. For companies, they help drive engagement, revenue, and even help create intimate bonds with their customers. But what happens when something goes awry? How easily can users share ideas for improvements? When users are willing to share feedback, do they feel heard?

The latest issue of Pulse Labs IQTM, Mobile UX for NFL News, dives into the NFL fan experience of finding news updates and video clips on different mobile apps. We chose to explore whether the existing app feedback loop is meeting user expectations. App UX is not just about the app, it's also about the customer dialog an app can help create – or hinder.

We asked participants, “How easy is it for you to share feedback with an app developer if you encounter an issue or have an idea for improvement?” Nearly a third of the participants indicated that giving user feedback on apps is difficult, with iPhone users struggling the most at 47%.

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