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Driving Innovation: How AI is Revolutionizing the Automotive User Experience

Photo by SCREEN POST / Unsplash

The automotive industry is ripe for a strategic fusion of AI and user-centered design.

The automotive industry is about to shift gears, powered by AI, which is transforming how we design, build, and interact with cars. Imagine smarter, safer vehicles that personalize your driving experience and even predict hazards. Buckle up, the future of driving is here! 

At CES, Volkswagen announced an embedded ChatGPT feature. Powered by a new version of Cerence's Chat Pro that leverages an LLM from Open AI, this will roll out to vehicles in Europe in Q2. From personalized driving experiences to predictive maintenance and even autonomous vehicles, AI is introducing a new era of intelligence into the automotive landscape.

In partnership with SBD Automotive, our recent report, The AI Future of Automotive: Consumers and the Conversational Car, explores the user experience of participants as they attempt different automotive use cases through both AI and conventional web searches. For this study, we had users record video of their browser screens in addition to answering survey questions. 

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