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AI Beyond the Conversational Car: Q&A with EV Charging Pioneer WiTricity

Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash

AI is poised to touch multiple stages of drivers' journeys.

In our joint report with SBD Automotive, The AI Future of Automotive: Consumers and the Conversational Car, we explored the user experience when drivers interact with AI for different automotive use cases that are relevant to conversational car technology. 

We are excited to bring you a Q&A about the future of AI with Amy Barzdukas, Chief Marketing Officer at wireless EV charging pioneer, WiTricity, which builds wireless EV charging systems that allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles without plugging into an outlet. WiTricity is also developing technology for golf carts, smart cities, and more. 

Pulse Labs is a technology partner of WiTricity, which uses our Pulse FlightRecorder technology to help them better understand how to improve their mobile app user experiences.

Q&A: WiTricity's outlook on AI for EV charging and beyond:

Pulse Labs: WiTricity is doing some very innovative things to expand EV charging options and the EV network. How is AI currently playing a role in your product roadmap and business strategy?

WiTricity: AI will clearly play a role in the relationships between our charging hardware, the cloud, utilities, and all V2X [vehicle to everything] technologies that will come together. We are looking at the full system design to be able to integrate AI “smarts” in the right places to ensure the right kind of flexibility and adaptability.

WiTricity is using Pulse Labs’ FlightRecorder solution for mobile app development. This is a new technology solution, as are the WiTricity solutions. Do you see opportunities for AI to help accelerate adoption of new technology?

That’s hard to say – AI won’t accelerate adoption of new technology per se, but certainly can enable new technology solutions that weren’t possible before AI.

WiTricity is dedicated to providing infrastructure options for smart cities. What role do you think AI will play in the growth and development of smart city infrastructure?

AI clearly has a role to play in smart city infrastructure. The smarter cities get, the more they will depend on that underlying intelligence to inform them. We all know what happens at a stop light that isn’t on the right timer, or can’t detect that there is a vehicle at the light. Take that rudimentary intelligence and multiply by a lot and you start to see the benefits of AI being able to triangulate and predict traffic behaviors not just on dumb sensors, but on weather, holidays, day of the week, big sales at stores nearby, a concert in the park, presence of pedestrians, driver attention, and so much more.

Beyond automotive, where do you see additional big opportunities for wireless charging? How is the impact of AI in those industries similar to or different from automotive?

Wireless charging for EVs is not just about mobility, but also about energy, and how AI + V2G [vehicle to grid] will play a role in creating a greener and more resilient grid. In addition, EVs are not just an automotive play – there are electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes hard at work that can benefit from wireless charging. Now, think about how you can bring that intelligence to the power grid, too, and use AI to harness the energy stored in EVs.

These insights from Amy Barzdukas exemplify the enormous potential for AI to impact a driver's experience both inside and outside their vehicles. Moreover, AI technology can go even further by enhancing various stages of the transportation journey for cities, service providers, businesses, and more. The time is ripe for any company with a role in the automotive industry to plan for an AI-infused future.

The automotive journey encompasses more than the road traveled; it's an evolving landscape shaped by AI and technology. The research we perform for our automotive industry customers highlights how generative AI is transforming the in-vehicle experience and beyond, from voice assistants to comprehensive digital ecosystems that encompass purchasing, maintenance, and even EV charging. 

Pulse Labs stands at the forefront of researching how these technological evolutions will be embraced by users, offering our customers the tools to gather deep insights into these user journeys that are crucial for identifying where customer priorities will be, and how best to deploy these technologies. 

Empowering Every Step of the Automotive Industry’s Innovation with AI

  • For OEMs: Understanding the dynamic interaction between your products and customers is vital. AI facilitates this by analyzing behavioral data, enabling predictions on user behavior. By incorporating video-based user experience and other research through Pulse InsightStudio, you can capture nuanced customer feedback, essential for training robust AI models.
  • For Suppliers: AI can turbocharge your product feedback loop. Pulse FlightRecorder, our minimal-effort feedback tool, combined with Pulse InsightStudio's qualitative analysis, accelerates product development, ensuring your growth remains on an upward trajectory.
  • For Startups and Innovation Teams: Quick integration and testing of AI features are crucial. With Pulse FlightRecorder, product feedback is continuous, bugs are swiftly addressed, and usability is enhanced, ensuring your product stands out in a competitive market.

Moving Towards a Connected and Intelligent Automotive Future

From safety improvements and personalized driving experiences to increasing the efficiency of autonomous vehicles and driving manufacturing & operating cost savings, AI's potential to transform the automotive industry is enormous. It can be incorporated into your technology to provide personalized experiences, safety enhancements, and to help your internal teams operate more efficiently.

Pulse Labs is your partner in this journey, providing the tools and insights needed to best understand your customer experiences confidently. We've paired up with SBD Automotive to combine their auto industry expertise with ours to drive an innovative research approach. Discover how Pulse FlightRecorder and Pulse InsightStudio can bring your automotive innovations to life.

Contact us to explore how Pulse Labs can transform your automotive business today.


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