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AI, Human Centered Design, and a New Creative Process

Photo by Faizur Rehman / Unsplash

Rather than putting pen to paper, writers, designers, and other creatives are putting prompts to work.

The pervasive influence of AI is reshaping industries, sparking debates about its impact on the future of work and human creativity. While concerns linger, the question at hand is not whether AI will replace human ingenuity, but how people can leverage its capabilities to augment and empower human-centered design.

In our extensive research for Pulse Labs IQ, we have looked at the impact of AI on individuals both at work and in their personal lives. We've found that AI functions as a catalyst for heightened productivity, provides fast information retrieval, and augments the design process. The overarching sentiment derived from our research is that users universally perceive AI as an invaluable tool, not a replacement for human creativity. 

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Webinar Recording- UX in the Era of AI: Navigating Innovations

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