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The Quest for Daily Active Users (DAU): How NFL Fans Use Apps

Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

A look at how the NFL fandom navigates the plethora of mobile apps and what it means for app owners.

In today's digital landscape, media is a complex puzzle. News apps, video platforms, and content creators struggle to keep users' attention and maintain high rates of daily active users (DAU). For users, options seem nearly endless, from traditional outlets like TV and print to newer options like social media and podcasts. In the latest issue of Pulse Labs IQTM, Mobile UX for NFL News, we explore these complexities by diving into NFL fans' experiences with finding news updates and video clips on different mobile apps. For this research, we had users record video of their mobile screens in addition to answering survey questions.

In 2022, the NFL estimated that there were 184 million NFL fans. This is a huge group with the ability to influence media engagement in the digital landscape, especially from September to January. When it comes to the world of sports, to stay in the game, media organizations must understand the types of content fans are looking for and where they prefer to get their sports content. This allows media outlets to tailor their efforts towards the channels that fans frequent, or create content that engages more types of fans, leading to more meaningful connections and a broader fan base. 

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