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Top topics: travel and trip planning videos

Photo by Toan Chu / Unsplash

In Pulse IQ, one component of the research design that we call “self-directed” is to let users decide what they want to do on an assigned AI platform. While the topics and interests they chose vary, overall we see certain topics and use cases emerge as the most popular.

The top 5 types of self-directed user topics on AI:

  • Learning & Education
  • Technology
  • Media, Entertainment & Publishing
  • Food or Beverage
  • Travel/Trip Planning

Focusing on travel, these two videos show users interacting with different platforms, vocalizing what they are thinking as they experience it.

Day excursion and planning hike

User was pleasantly surprised to discover trails she had never hiked.

Activities to do with kids in Seattle

Compared to GPT-4, the user appreciated Bing's ability to deliver contextual and local results.