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AI Tube: Watch where platforms win, or lose

Photo by Lukas Schroeder / Unsplash

As part of Pulse IQ's effort to compile a comprehensive overview of users' real-time experiences across various AI platforms, this selection of videos captures real prompts and user reactions. Our Pulse IQ database of thousands of videos is growing monthly. We'll periodically pull a few to compare and contrast.

These videos are shared to shed light on the users' perspectives and highlight potential uses- and limitations - of AI across different use cases.

Like all customer experiences, there are positive ones and not so positive ones. You can see both from users of GPT-3.5 and Bing.

"Cool hashtags for farm weddings" 👍

GPT–3.5  • Female • Millennial

I think it's extremely creative, a lot more creative than I thought it had the capability of doing.

“List all the Super Bowl championship winning teams” 👎

GPT-3.5 • Male • Gen X

The listing order is incorrect. It’s missing two years worth of data.

“How do terminal colors work?” 👍

Bing • Male • Gen Z

Transparent about where it's getting its data.

“Where can I take my children in Cincinnati to do something fun?” 👎

Bing • Female • Millennial

Even though I said “where” it’s listing what I can do. I feel like I could’ve gotten better answers.