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Escaping Reality to Live the Dream: Evaluating the Real Estate Entertainment Experience

Different apps cater to diverse home buyers' needs and search styles with unique features.

Searching for a dream home has become incredibly convenient in today's digital age. Prospective homebuyers and renters now have a plethora of real estate app options at their fingertips. A growing number of Americans, even those not actively in the market for a new home, are finding themselves captivated by real estate apps, using virtual house hunting as a form of escapism. 

Kenzie Bryant, a New York resident and author of a Vanity Fair story about why people are turning to real estate apps over social media pointed out: 

"I also spend more time on Zillow’s app than on Twitter and Instagram combined, browsing homes for sale across the country, because it’s reliably soothing, especially when those other sites are not."

—Kenzie Bryant, Journalist

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