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AITube: Watch what happens on each platform

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Our study captures hundreds of videos of actual user experiences with the four AI platforms. A unique and powerful aspect of Pulse IQ™️ is the ability to see these interactions in the moment.

Two videos were chosen for each AI platform that demonstrate meaningful user insights. See what users see and hear what they think as they talk out loud….

"Creative things to do with kids"

Quick, accurate & useful
GPT-4 • Travel/ Trip Planning • Advice

"Create a plan to sculpt my abs"

Comprehensive & personalized
GPT-4 • Health & Beauty • Creative

"Create a dinner recipe with cucumbers"

Tips & hacks, switch between non-vegetarian and vegan options
Bard • Food & Beverage • Test

"Who is the greatest basketballer of all time?"

Disagreed with response, but enjoyed the conversation
Bard • Sports & Physical Fitness • Test

"Play Tic-Tac-Toe"

A fun experience
Bing • Gaming • Experimentation

"Affordable, romantic B&Bs near NYC"

Creative option, made responses interesting
Bing • Travel & Trip Planning • Advice

"Things to do in DC over the weekend"

Mixed bag, did not factor in weather and short-notice
GPT-3.5 • Travel & Trip Planning • Advice

"How do I change my toxic behaviors?"

An empathetic conversation
GPT-3.5 • Personal Growth • Advice