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Finding the Right AI for the Job

GPT leads both user's platform choice and in blind side-by-side comparison

As part of our Pulse IQ Research, we have users compare prompts and responses from different AI platforms in a blind side-by-side comparison. This time, we asked users to review work-related prompts. In the latest round of comparison, 59% of users preferred responses from GPT-4, edging past GPT-3.5 at 57% and Bing at 51%.

The chart below shows historical side-by-side rankings on general topics. Compared to past general performance, Bing performed much higher on workplace-related prompts.

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The Human Factor In Artificial Intelligence

The Human Factor In Artificial Intelligence

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Webinar Recording- UX in the Era of AI: Navigating Innovations

Webinar Recording- UX in the Era of AI: Navigating Innovations

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