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Most common user goals: does AI satisfy?

To better understand the AI opportunities that are lower-hanging fruit, it is important to understand what consumers are asking and what types of prompts come naturally to them.

Our research shows that 3 out of 4 people (75%) begin with prompts that fall into three types:

  • Factual (34%) ex. “How does Turbocharging work?”
  • Advice (24%) ex. “I need advice on how to treat my son”
  • Experimentation (20%) ex. “Create a recipe with leftover ingredients from my fridge?”

This is what users tend to do on their own with no guidance, but how do they like it?

The research shows overall satisfaction is quite high at 87%. When we further look at satisfaction by type of prompt, the satisfaction levels remain uniformly high, with only slight differences. User satisfaction was higher when they were engaging with Experimentation and Creative prompts, perhaps because users were surprised by what AI can do.


  1. ADVICE COULD BE SWEET SPOT FOR AI: While “Factual” and “Experimentation” prompts are top contenders for what users like to do with AI, “Advice” is an area that seems most ripe for exploration. Why?
  2. Facts are typically adequately covered in one response, not much different from search results. Advice flows better through dialogue – a format that lends itself to generative AI interactions. AI practitioners can take advantage of this opportunity to deeply engage users with thoughtful responses that show a willingness to dive deeper into a topic.
  3. Advice ideally is personalized. And while an AI platform may not know much about users yet, as we have seen in other Pulse IQ research (August 1 report, story 3), people are very willing to provide more personalized information to gain better responses. Advice-based conversations are a natural place to ask for it and tailor the answer choices.
  4. There is no perfect answer with advice. It is about the quality of guidance and options presented. AI conversations could help someone sort through the options available. This is not something search is designed for and could be an area where AI sets itself apart.