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IQ Tube: Generative AI on the Job

In addition to asking HOW people are using Generative AI at work, Pulse IQ™ asked users to show us.

As part of our recent research, we asked people to demonstrate how they are using Generative AI to help with their jobs. We saw a variety of prompts around creating content, making decisions, and even helping with work finances and budgeting. Some users saw efficiency in information retrieval compared to traditional search engines, while others expressed frustration that AI tools sometimes generated more opinions than facts.

These diverse experiences highlight the need for ongoing refinement of AI algorithms to ensure accurate, reliable, and objective content generation to better serve users in professional contexts. You can see for yourself the various Generative AI platforms in action with real users in the videos below:

“Commercial Tax Status for Florida”

A Bard user asks about building codes and tax status. He considers LLMs a good replacement for search engines.

—Nicholas, 42, Bard

“Draft an annual corporate budget for a startup"

A GPT-3.5 user asks for a draft annual corporate budgeting process for a startup. He finds the timelines suggested to be unrealistic.

—Andrew, 24, GPT-3.5

“Best paint on a budget for a small business owner”

A small business owner uses GPT-3.5 to find optimal interior wall paint. She likes the response formatting but thinks the response is more advice than factual.

—Chelsy, 28, GPT-3.5

Would you love to see your own users in action? Pulse Labs technology can help you record mobile, web, smart home, and automotive technology interactions.