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When branding removed, GPT fans often prefer Bard responses

If you remove the brand, and people didn't know the platform behind the response, would that impact perceived quality and preference ratings?

Using the two pronged approach in Pulse IQ™ we examine this and find some differences.

  • Among GPT-4 “fans” who rate GPT-4 highly in branded testing, those same people more often prefer Bard over GPT-4 in blind testing of responses to the same prompt:
  • 36% preference for Bard vs 11% preference for GPT-4, more than three times the preference level
  • This same dynamic is found when looking at GPT-3.5 “fans” but the difference increases
  • 41% preference for Bard vs 14% for GPT-3.5 responses


As discussed in Highlight #1, the AI response is key. But brand is likely to play a role in AI just as it does in so many other facets of our lives. AI providers as well as those integrating AI into their businesses and products should examine the role of brand and fit between their brand and their chosen AI. Or if it will be un-branded in your application, does that give you different options on which AI to choose.  

This could also lead to companies testing branded and non-branded AI solutions and determine if it impacts perceived quality.