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AI Wishlist: Smart Home is #1 for Consumers

Photo by Dries Augustyns / Unsplas

Consumers leaning into AI for home, education, and career, but less likely to trust AI for money and health uses

Businesses across nearly every industry are envisioning an AI-powered future. Firms from McKinsey to BCG to Gartner have released reports speculating about ways that corporations can use AI to move faster and leaner – many times with outlooks that border on science fiction. But what do consumers see themselves using in the near-term?

We asked our Pulse IQ consumer group "Where do you see yourself using AI enabled features if they were available now?" Most of the options users chose indicated a preference for AI enhancements of technologies they already use. We gave users 16 options to choose from across smart home, mobile tech, commerce, automotive, and workspace categories. This is what we found:

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