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Gameday Strategy: NFL Fans Optimize Viewing Experiences and Budgets

Fans strategize streaming platform subscriptions to watch the games they want without breaking the bank.

The 2023 NFL season is the busiest yet, with 272 games over 18 weeks. Amazon holds exclusive streaming rights to Thursday night games, and several Sunday games run simultaneously on different cable networks, leaving fans to navigate a complex blend of local channels, streaming platforms, and live sports cable networks. 

This year, sports have undeniably taken center stage as a sought-after streaming asset. With dwindling subscriber numbers and the entertainment industry entangled in labor disputes, sports have emerged as a recession-proof choice for streaming platforms. Wired indicates, "With numerous channels to fill, there is a collective push to secure at least one prominent sporting event as a prized possession, a lustrous alternative should the allure of prestige TV shows dim.” 

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